Since the 1920's, Paymasters Group has been providing expert project and trade paymaster services.
May 24, 2019

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Toronto, New York, Florida, London

About Us

For nearly 100 years, the family offices of Hammersmith and Van Duyn
have been shaping their financial legacy.

Today, Paymasters Group carries on this tradition as a leading provider of expert project and trade paymaster services.

Since the early 1920s, the Van Duyn family and Affiliates have prospered in the oil and gas industry. Under the leadership of three generations, the family offices have leveraged their life estate of gold trading and oil and gas exploration into a successful private equity firm. Today, this financial legacy continues to thrive on an international scale through Paymasters Group and it’s affiliated operating companies.

Paymasters Group employs a team of licensed advisors including Escrow Consultants, Attorneys, Underwriters and Banking Advisors—with direct equity partnerships in manufacturing, transportation, film and entertainment, real estate and renewable energy products. Our management team serves entrepreneurs in project development, trading commodities or trading currencies.

We look forward to learning about your funding goals–please contact us.

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Managers are licensed financial and legal vendors who manage your trade finance transactions.

  • Escrow Consultant
  • Law Firm
  • Banking Institution
  • Compliance Officer