Since the 1920's, Paymasters Group has been providing expert project and trade paymaster services.
July 23, 2019

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Project and trade paymaster services

Paymasters Group provides capital and expert paymaster
services for project and trade finance.

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Global Partnership

We can settle transactions in more countries
than any other private equity group on earth!

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Allow our expert marketing and promotions
team launch your next equity fundraise.

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Private equity distribution

Use our cash or collateral to fund and guarantee
your next project and trade acquisition.

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Equity Matchfunding

We commit our funds in escrow to influence your
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Bank rejected trade finance

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Access $1.7 Trillion in "bank-rejected"
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What We Offer

Paymasters Group is a trusted partner and principal in your trade-finance transactions. Using our credits to clear and settle your payment transactions, our expert paymaster services manage the confirmation and deposit of funds from top banks and top law firms. Paymasters Group is your turnkey solution for project and trade finance opportunities.
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Private Placement

So, you’re raising funds-equity for your film or TV project? Our private capital is available as guarantees and payments to support your next production.
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We are a top paymaster service using its own capital to complete your payment transactions. We can settle transactions in more countries than any other private equity group on earth!
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Contract Surety

Convince your funder the investment is secure, and the funding will be delivered to you…every time! We issue on-demand guarantees to cover your obligations under credit or bond facilities in private placement agreements.
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Did your bank reject your request for trade finance?

Since the early 1920s, Paymasters Group has been providing expert project and trade paymaster services for project and trade finance. Our family office of merchant banking professionals is comprised of bankers, lawyers and funding committee specialists. Our capital reach spans North America and Dubai.


FIRST - Enroll and register with Paymasters Group

First, you must open an account with Paymasters Group. 

Please complete our client information sheet.


Notice: Paymasters Group is a private service for members only. Compliance is performed on each application.

Step #1 - Submit funds or funding service request

Please complete our Funding Request Form.

Step #2 - Review Term Sheet Offer

Next, our funding committee issues a term sheet offer.

Our Funding Committee will prepare the necessary documentation that outlines the terms and conditions of the funding offer. If interested, applicants have a fixed time to accept.

Upon your review and acceptance, the Escrow Consultant will establish a personal communication with you to walk you to describe and explain the escrow process.

We will send out the escrow documents that need to be executed as well as a detailed description of the procedure.

Required documents

Step #3 - Execute Term Sheet Offer

Next, you will make your commitment  deposit into your account.

In order the execute the term sheet and escrow agreement, you must make the required deposit into your account as specified in your invoice.

Upon receipt, the escrow attorney prepares an attestation. Then, the attorney implements a clearing and settling function, exchanging documents and making disbursements.


Step #4 - Clear, Settle & Close

Next, the Attorney Paymaster Trust Account will be opened.

Upon receipt of your approved term sheet and deposit, the escrow attorney will implement a clearing and settling.

It will take about 24-48 hours for the Attorney Paymaster trust account to be opened and ready to receive funds on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Paymaster?

A paymaster (from payment and master) is an individual or entity responsible for maintaining making-receiving payments and guarantees for payments on behalf of clients.


Experience and services of the paymaster may include:

  • ensuring that the transaction documents are prepared
  • selection of vendors, hardware and software are operating correctly
  • building financial instruments
  • structuring the deal
  • generating and revising transaction documents
  • collections, scheduling and monitoring payments
  • manage cross-border payments
  • approval of the budget, regulation and management of payments
  • acceptance and disbursement of funds and setting up escrow accounts

Depending on the nature of the transactions they manage, paymasters typically know bank wiring, SWIFT messaging, and contract surety. They may also be required to know how to process or settle e-Checks or crypto-currency and be an e-Check depository or  funds administrator.

Paymaster services for business transactions

Paymasters Group offers fast and cost-effective paymaster solutions.

International companies and institutions who trade internationally with commodities, bank instruments or agricultural products need reliable partners.

Payments of fees and commissions must be handled quite safely and on time around the world. Legal requirements, international compliance needs and regulations must be observed and taken into account carefully.

Structuring and executing payment transactions

Experienced traders, such as buyers and sellers, agents, brokers and intermediaries use our services as independent international Escrow Lawyer or Attorney Paymaster located in New York and Los Angeles.

Acting as a principal in private placement transactions or  a neutral third party on behalf of all partners involved, Paymasters Group will support you to build deeper trust with your business partners.

Paymasters Group only utilizes the services of Authorized and registered as a Lawyers / Attorneys, Escrow Agents, and Top banks to support its clients immediately and in the long run with their international businesses and financial transactions.

This facilitation of large payments provides more security, reliability and confidence in your worldwide commodities, agricultural and financial instruments trade. Our International Attorney Paymaster Services in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, can support your long term sustainable growth.

Upon request and as part of our international paymaster advisory services, we also accept mandates about drafting and tailoring all contracts and agreements.

What is a Funding Commitment?

In response to your funds or funding service request, Paymasters Group’s funding committee issues a ‘firm commitment’ to fund-guarantee, with conditions, supported by a bank confirmation or an escrow verification of deposit.


Approved applicants have a certain period of time to meet all of the conditions.


Within 72 hours of the final contingency being met, attorney paymaster remits guarantees or payments, in accordance with transaction agreements. In the event the applicant fails to meet the conditions, more time may be extended.

Commodities, Agricultural & Financial Trading

As seller or buyer, agent, broker or of intermediaries our clients need to handle fees and commissions of international transactions – and they have to transfer these funds regularly to various recipients (Beneficiaries). Paymasters Group supports their clients with International Attorney Paymaster Services worldwide.

Once the deal has been concluded and profits shared, fees and commissions are paid, we care for the management and disbursement through a single and secure Attorney Paymaster trust account.

As an independent third party trustee and financial intermediary we are supporting our legal clients primarily in the following transactions (please see Procedures in the tab below).

What are Disbursements?

Any approved payout, under commitment, with an irrevocable escrow agreement;
Commissions and fess, in accordance with settle my statement worksheet;
Project expenses based on approved budget;
Profit sharing

What forms of financial instruments do you work with?

Paymasters Group only works with cash or cash equivalent type financial instruments in the form of a document or money. All funds and guarantees use a commitment process, with escrow closing.


We are experts in:


On-demand guarantees

Performance bond

Physical gold-backed notes

Crypto-currency and coin

Physical gold leasing


Delivery may be electronic or physical.

How long does it take to review my application & prepare a contract?

Paymasters Group has an automated process to fund your next project or trade. Application proceedings may take up to 2 international banking days.


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Sample Formats

Paymasters Group has an automated process to fund your next project or trade. Application proceedings may take up to 2 international banking days.


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Paymasters Group is the largest paymaster service in the world, with more than 1,100 settlement centers in over 450 cities worldwide. Cash, gold, and guarantees available for acquisitions,investments and payments, from $50,000 up to $100M.

Why Choose Paymasters Group?

Expert Paymaster Services

Paymasters Group has perfected e-checks, physical gold & demand guarantee payment services to facilitate business development transactions.

Expert Paymasters to Business Partners

Paymasters Group provides more than just capital. We have a strategic alliance of lawyers, investors and entrepreneurs to help leverage your business goals.

Global Business Reach

Through our network of international business partners, Paymasters Group has access to physical office space everywhere. We can settle transactions in more countries than any other private equity group on earth!

Since 1930, Paymasters Group has been providing expert merchant banking services to facilitate project and trade finance. Our mission is to encourage acceptance in the use of e-Checks for payments and payment guarantees in project and trade finance. We can settle transactions in more countries than any other private equity group on earth!

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